Beethoven bei Familie Seemann


1. L.Beethoven "Romance F-dur" (Transcription for Violin and Guitar)
2. J.S.Bach "Menuet and Scherzo" for Violin and Guitar
3. N.Paganini "6 Sonatas for Violin and Guitar"
4. N.Paganini "Cantabile"
5. B.Bartok "Romanian Dances"
6. A.Piazzolla "Cafe '1930", "Libertango"
We will play Paganini and it will take your imagination to the stars. Than we
will play Bartok and we will try that you felling a quality and easy nature of our planet. And then we will play Piazzolla that you can feel all emotions and feeling in this world.
19:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Ensemble "ARS Nova"

We are students of the Moscow Conservatory. We want to bring a drop of love and warmth into this world, and since we are musicians, we can only do this with the help of our music. We want to begin to revive classical music, because we believe that only through it can people convey such pure emotions. We took the name "ARS Nova" - which is not only the first letters of our names, but also translated from Latin means "New Art" or "New Technology". This term first appeared in the Renaissance. We will try to reveal classical music in a new style, new traditions, to revive it. To do this, we specially took such an unusual composition of instruments as a violin and a guitar, because they arose even before the appearance of the piano.
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15.12.2019 - Berlin
Beethoven bei Familie Seemann
Ensemble "ARS Nova"
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